The Case of The Missing Tooth

February 28th, 2012

I went out to dinner with a guy and we ordered spinach dip…he found a tooth in the dip (yes, a TOOTH). My date complained, of course, and the manager apologized continuously, then comp’d the meal and gave my date a gift card to use later as consolation. Me and the date get back in his car, and he starts laughing…and confesses it was his tooth that he put in the dip because he wanted to get the meal free!!! So many things wrong with that picture…ethically, sure, but also, why did he have a spare tooth lying around?

Hobo Hugh Grant

February 27th, 2012

He was late. He didn’t look like his picture (he said his hair had longer, “kind of like Hugh Grant.” Yeah, if HG was a hobo who didn’t shower…). So far, so blah. First, we went to an awful, scary bar because they did “really cheap beers.” Then we had to leave there and go to a pub in a freezing cold train station because “it’s cheaper.” He had grey teeth and kept leaving to go for a cigarette, in between drinking from my drink. He asked what size shoe I wear, because apparently I have “really big feet for a girl.” He expressed disappointment that I wasn’t more “touchy feely” as I shrank into the corner of the sofa to avoid his cigarette breath. He compared me unfavorably to other dates (“I usually get more contact. You’re being unusual.”), boasted that his shoes cost two dollars and then told me he was about to lose his job because he’d taken too many sick days for the boils on his ass. BOILS! ASS! I left and he texted me about how uncomfortable I’d made him and how my future would not involve him. My response? “Ditto.”

Dating Isn’t Rocket Science

January 18th, 2012

He was an astronautic engineer enrolled in a prestigious Doctoral program, but also a complete idiot. He would not shut up, and he spoke so fast it was like being on a date with an auctioneer. Also, he could not stop staring at my chest; he made virtually no eye contact with me. I finally got angry and blurted out, “Will you PLEASE stop staring at my boobs?” You will not believe how he responded: he actually got all pissy with me and said, “Well, men are visual creatures and your breasts are disproportionately larger than the rest of your body. So you really can’t get mad at me for staring at them.”

A Bad Preview

January 18th, 2012

We go to the movies, and once it gets dark, it gets awkward. First, he decides that he wants to hold my hand, but instead of asking, he says: “You should hold my hand.” I don’t, so he grabs my hand anyway and places it in his lap and begins rubbing up and down my arm. I eventually manage to squirm my hand out of his crotch-area he lets go of my hand, so I’m monetarily relieved. That is, until his hand is suddenly on my lower back, under my shirt. I squirm away from that but then he begins rubbing his hands up and down my side. By now, I’m way past uncomfortable. I remove his hand and bolt to my car.

Nothing Like A West-Coke Party

January 11th, 2012

Thirty minutes before we’re supposed to meet he tells me his car broke down, so I go and pick him up. Once he gets in, he tells me he can’t take me out to dinner because he needed his cash to fix his car–but that we can eat for free at a barbecue at his friend’s house. Fine by me, but we get there, and it turns out his “friend” is a big-time coke dealer, doesn’t like my date, and especially didn’t like him bringing new people to his “coke party.” The best part was when he called my date a “dip weasel” and invited me back–alone–for a few beers and poker.

Where’s The Eject Button?

January 11th, 2012

I chatted with a guy online for a few weeks, and we eventually decided to meet up. He picked me up in his truck, and drove more than 20 mph over the speed limit, tailgating everyone that got in our way, with me in the passenger seat holding on for dear life. After lunch, he told me he had a surprise for me, and took me to HIS MOTHER’S HOUSE. She was thrilled to have her son bring a girl home and seemed to know everything about me–apparently he had been telling her everything we had been talking about online for the past few weeks. I’m still not sure which part is worse: feeling like I would never leave his vehicle alive, or the look in his sweet mother’s eyes when she realized I had no intention of becoming her future daughter-in-law.

I Fell For Him

January 4th, 2012

After having a nice coffee date we proceeded to leave the restaurant and he began walking me to my car. I reached the top of the concrete stairs outside and hit a patch of black ice, and I feel down hard, face-first. Sitting up in shock and embarrassment, I tried to act casual, but there was blood running down my face and he just stood there looking at me. I knew I had a concussion and asked him to call an ambulance for me and they carted me off to the hospital alone. Later that night he texted to see if I was okay. I said yes and asked if he’d like to get together with me when I was feeling less clumsy and he never responded! As if the bruises weren’t insult enough.

My Life Plan Doesn’t Include You

January 2nd, 2012

I met my internet date for a drink, and though we chatted about regular things like our hobbies and jobs, something still seemed “off” about him (and no, it wasn’t just that he was cross-eyed, so when he spoke to me, one eye was looking at me and the other out the window). Then he asked, “Do you have a life plan?” I said that I basically knew where I wanted my life to head but I wouldn’t really call it a plan per se. “I have one,” he said. “Want to hear it?” he asked. This was it: “In two months, I’m going to take you to New York. While there, I’m going to propose to you. In March we will get married and by this time next year, our anniversary, you will be impregnated with my baby.” I looked at him, gobsmacked. All I could manage was, “I’m just going to go to the bathroom,” and I snuck away. A few minutes later, when he must have realized I’d gone, I got a text from him asking if the reason I ran off was because he was wearing a red shirt, and offering that next time he could wear blue.

Like Father, Like Son

November 13th, 2011

He asks me out on a date, then gets dropped off in front of my apartment instead of picking me up because of his DUI, which was not disclosed to me prior to the date. Before going to dinner, he asks if we can stop by the liquor store where he works so he can “pick up a few things.” We then proceed to the restaurant, where he asks the waiter if he can trade the liquor bottles for the meal because he has no money. Dinner conversation consists of him talking about how much he hates his child’s mother. He then asks to come home with me, but I say no…and then have to take him home, which is about a 40 minute drive. I find out after the date that his dad is the old guy that hits on me all the time at my job….

A Truly Frightening Halloween

November 13th, 2011

It was Halloween and I decided to give this guy a chance. He then proceeded to kiss me and his tongue hit my mouth before his lips did. Everything about it was just so repulsive. We were sitting on a bench at a park and he decided to grab my hand; I thought holding hands was sweet. But then he took my hand and tried to brush it all over his boner and acted like nothing was awkward about that situation.


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