Needy Ned

March 8th, 2012

I met him online and liked him, but I knew something was off when I heard his suggestions for our first date: sky driving, going away to the mountains for the weekend, going for a helicopter ride, etc. I suggested we grab a bite downtown. When he picked me up, I got into his car and all he said to me was, “So, your place or mine? We can go to mine but I think my Mom might still be up.” (He was 29.) I left early and he text me the next morning saying that I needed to “be more attentive to his needs.”

3 Responses to “Needy Ned”

  1. March 19th, 2012
    Psyche says:

    After one date? Hell no.

  2. June 12th, 2013
    What you should have done says:

    What you should have done was go sky-diving or a helicopter ride and make him pay for it, and then just leave after the first date.

  3. March 17th, 2014
    Emily says:

    My response? “I’m am not your girlfriend. You haven’t earned the privilege to call me that, yet, so until then, I don’t have to be any sort of way for you. And by the way, there’s a difference between being ‘invested’ in someone, and then being someone’s beck and call.”

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