What It Is:

Awful First Dates was founded in October, 2009 as a place to read and share stories about dating disasters due to circumstance, intoxication, awkwardness, nudity, whatever. We think bad dates are good material–they become the stories your friends ask you to tell again and again.

How It Works:

We ask that readers submit their true awful dates. Then we edit each submission for clarity, add a catchy headline, and post it on the site anonymously. Readers can add comments and vote on whether the date should be added to the Worst Dates Hall of Fame (or whether the submitter should stop being such a picky drama queen and just get over it). We’ve found that single people read the stories and feel better that they’re not the only ones going on painfully bad dates; coupled-up people read them and feel better that they’re not single. Unlike actual dating, Awful First Dates is a win-win.

Who’s Behind It:

Sarah Wexler [www.sarahzoewexler.com], a magazine editor and writer, book author, and New Yorker who’s been on far too many awful first dates (and a few good ones).


Please send us your story in the “submit” section. If you have another question or comment, you can reach us at awfulfirstdates@gmail.com or contact agent Kate McKean at Howard Morhaim Literary Agency, Inc., kmckean@morhaimliterary.com.